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VetHotel does everything a busy
veterinary clinic needs…

while streamlining processes and providing a centralised reporting system for better
communication between staff. Treat your patients faster, smarter, and more effectively.

1. Manage Appointments

With VetHotel it’s easy to keep track of your appointments. Shared calendars allow staff immediate, real-time access to bookings, while ensuring that you always know what resources you have available at any given time.

2. Record Diagnoses

Patients are given individual profiles, where your team can record a detailed diagnosis following consultation. Accessing past records has never been easier than with our centralised CRM system for vets.

3. Record Treatments

When a treatment is administered, details can be entered straight onto a patient’s record. Your staff will be able to compare past treatments at a glance, as well as pulling up powerful tools for analysing individual treatment responses, or even broader trends.

4. Monitor Patients’ Journals

Each patient is given a journal page, which displays everything a vet will need to know. Browse past appointments, check diagnoses, leave notes for colleagues or monitor the ongoing effects of different treatment programs… all from one user-friendly screen.

5. Create Invoices

VetHotel also includes a smart module for managing payments. You can print invoices directly from the system, track payments, or create full reports for your patients and their owners. We take care of business, leaving you free to focus on providing that all-important treatment.