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The Many Features of our Veterinary Management Software

VetHotel comes packed full of rich, dynamic features – to help you run your clinic
the way you know best.

Manage your Practice

Our intelligent, responsive calendars help you to make better use of your time.
Synchronise your staff, and keep track of your resources on a minute-by-minute basis!

Get to Know Your Patients

Rich patient profiles allow your team to record everything they need to know about an animal.
Attach profile pictures, list breeds and birthdays, as well as keeping track of your interactions – check-ups, diagnoses and treatments.

Integrated Invoicing for a Smoother
Payment Process

VetHotel lets you create and monitor client accounts, giving a thorough record of payments requested and received. You can even set fees and print your invoices directly from the CRM system, providing you with a tax-friendly income record.

Fast Access to Lab Tests

Invite your lab specialists to use your new CRM, and you can forget about waiting around for
reports to be delivered… you’ll be able to send critical data back and forth in real time.

Never Miss a Patient in Need

No matter how big or small the clinic, there’s one common factor that motivates every vet alike: the desire to help animals in need. VetHotel recognises this primary motivation, and so we designed a system that helps you to provide help in a timely, organised and effective fashion.

Realtime information

Every important event in the clinic, will be delivered immediately to the persons connected to the case.
All message can also be send by email or SMS to the veterinarian.

Bookkeeping included

All accounting and billing are integrated in VetHotel in an extremely user-friendly and simple accounting module. It is designed so that a clinic owner easily can prepare the daily accounting and generate relevant financial statements, to follow the clinic's operation .