Every time I have a problem with my internet connection at home, I call my provider. And every time I do I get caught in ’you are number XX in line, please wait for a supporter’, after 10-15 minutes I get a supporter on the phone, who usually can’t help with the problem but needs to redirect me to someone else.

 If you have ever tried this, you will love the ease of live integrated support. Whenever you have a problem or just a question about how to use a functionality in the system, just click on the help icon and write your question. Then the question will be send to a group of supporters, and assigned to the one who can best help you.

 When your question get answered, a message will pop up inside VetHotel informing you that you have a message, and you can read it and start a live chat session with the supporter.

 No more waiting in line on the phone, now you can continue working and communicate at the same time directly with the assigned supporter.