VetHotel: Versatile Business Software for Vets

So, you’re a vet.

You might have a massive, multi-million dollar clinic, or perhaps it’s just a small practice operating out of your own home. 

Perhaps you’re wondering what a vet CRM package can do for you and your business… or even what a CRM is, for that matter!

Let’s start from the beginning: CRM stands for customer relationship manager. A CRM is a software solution, that helps you to boost your business efficiency through automation and improved communication.

Got important bookings coming up? Then share them with the rest of your team, with just one click of a button. Need fast access to a patient record? Or perhaps you need to review who saw your patient before you… as well as checking their diagnosis, their treatment and their notes.

The beauty of VetHotel, is that it’s able to complete the roles usually assigned to a variety of different standard business departments. By simplifying processes and lines of communication to just one central, intelligent database, our veterinary software places immediate information at your fingertips. 

No more hunting for missing files. You’ll never need to chase down other vets, to find out crucial information about a patient’s past treatments. Every scrap of useful information is recorded, sorted and stored securely – to be available to your team whenever they need it.


A Powerful New Veterinary CRM

VetHotel features rich patient profiles, where you’ll be able to store any information you’ve gathered about a particular animal. Their name, date of birth, photos, habits, behaviour profile… it’s all in there, and it’s updated in real-time whenever a member of your staff adds new data to the file.

It’s not just your patient-vet relationships though, that are going to benefit from the many powerful features built into VetHotel. Our veterinary software will help you to manage and grow your business, building efficient and effective systems for tracking client accounts, managing a schedule and even issuing invoices – our in-built billing modules offer a secure, tax-friendly record of your company’s day to day business!


Our Mission: Building the Best Veterinary Software on the Market

VetHotel isn’t just about business. In fact, it’s the opposite! We designed VetHotel to take care of the business for you, so that your vets can focus their time and skills on doing what they do best.

When we created VetHotel, we set out to make the best veterinary software on the market. We’re not in this to get rich. In fact, we’re in the veterinarian business for exactly the same primary reason as you: to bring aid and comfort to animals in need. 

If you run a large veterinarian organisation, VetHotel can help you to bring a little order and cohesion to your patient records. Reduce massive data down to manageable profiles, a series of search-friendly records that’ll always allow you to pinpoint the exact piece of information you need.

Alternatively, for smaller veterinarian practices, our vet CRM gives you all the power of a virtual office. From a PA managing your appointments and calendars, through to customer support and billing – it’s all taken care of, saving you both time and money in the process.